Welcome to the Baby Chimp Society

BCS is a collection of 5,050 Baby Chimp NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Meter sidechain. These Baby Chimps were randomly assembled from over 196 traits and 13,492,928,512 different options. Each Baby Chimp consists of a unique body, hat, face, and outfit - the possibilities are virtually endless!

What is the Baby Chimp Society?

A group of early-coming misfits who escaped the Ethereum laboratory into the Meter.io jungle and are invested into the future of the Meter ecosystem.

  • Fair launch, fair distribution: All chimps costs 15 $MTRG
  • Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT
  • Great art, no roadmap.

Welcome to the Club

When you buy a Baby Chimp you gain access to a community of people who believe in the future of the Meter sidechain.

  • Group of Meterians who know how to kick it

Created by us, for you

The core team was born remotely - a growing team of creatives with backgrounds in art, technology and gaming working together to build a decentralized brand on Meter.



Loves monkes and Meter.io. Wants to build a clubhouse like BAYC on Meter.io

Frequently Asked Questions

Wen mint?

Fair distribution sale should open on 05/04/2022 9 AM EST. It could happen sooner, keep an eye on the socials.

Wen roadmap/utility?

Baby Chimp Society currently has no roadmap.

How many can I mint?

You can easily mint up to 10 Baby Chimps per transaction. There is no cap to how many Baby Chimps you can mint in total per address. Go crazy!

What is the supply?

Only 5,050 tokens are available to mint. 5,000 for the public, 50 for the core team.

© 2022 Baby Chimp Society

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